Top 10 Super Mario 64 Rom Hacks You Should Play In 2022

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I’m always impressed by the energy that goes into the creation of mods and ROM hacks. It’s made by fans, for fans. After all, it’s a beautiful thing. Nintendo is known for being hard on ROM hacking communities, but they persist thanks to their shared love for this content. Consider Super Mario 64 Rom hacks arguably one of the best of all from Nintendo’s library with so many options available… You can’t help but admire the work put into them!

It’s especially impressive considering the weird and frankly antique way the game is coded. Super Mario 64 is a game of its time, a pioneer for gaming industry in general and the 64-bit era in particular. I have always strived to make sure that people appreciate not only what the game brings to their lives but also what it meant for our industry as a whole.

That’s why I’ll do my part to ensure that people enjoy finding out what are my favorite 10 Super Mario 64 ROM hacks that ever got released!

Here they are:

10 Best Super Mario 64 Rom Hacks

10. Super Mario 64: The Green Stars

Super Mario 64 Rom Hacks

A pretty good way to get started with Doom sm64 rom hacks is by playing a hack made by Kampel64 which simply adds challenges around the locations you already know well. The hack features 130 stars for you to collect through many modified levels. Some of which have hidden secrets.

The creator of this hack attempts to throw in as much variety as possible, and makes sure that every secret has been hide very well indeed.

The main drawback of this game is that for every fantastic puzzle, there’s an equal number of challenges that border on tedious.

9. Super Mario 64: Ztar Attack Rebooted

Super Mario 64 Rom Hacks

This next mod in our list of the best Super Mario 64 ROM hacks is one that’ll keep you challenged throughout. Ztar Attack Rebooted is a sequel to the Kirby Edition hack above. It’s neater, faster and tighter than the original, and sees players exploring the spooky Ztar realm.

Over 50+ stars you can pickup with the challenge, push it to 170 at total.

8. Super Mario 64: Kirby Edition

Super Mario 64 Rom Hacks

If you’d prefer to start with something less ambitious then consider SM64: Kirby Edition by creator Dudaw. This hack replaces the classic red-capped plumber with the lovable Kirby. It was the first full character hack ever released on SM64, and despite the practice being more common nowadays I’d say the polish level is still striking.

Not only can Kirby move and glide as it should (a challenge in itself). But also power-ups are modified to turn the pink puff into a Boo or a Thwomp and mimic his copy ability. You can even ride Kirby’s signature Warp Star on some levels!

7. Super Mario And The Cursed Castles

Super Mario 64 Rom Hacks

Super Mario and the Curse Castles takes 8th place on this Top 10 List of the Best Super Mario 64 ROM Hacks. By adding one more star-shaped tile, there’s a few things that have changed in this version of the game, aside from quadruple the difficulty level.

Now Mario is faced with 15 new and exciting levels as well as 3 bosses who are quite different than Bowser! King Boo has thrown some bad ju-ju over the Mushroom Kingdom, creating even more mischief for players to overcome. It’s always up to Mario to save the day!

In a somewhat similar vein to Super Mario Sunshine, collecting power stars lifts the curse. What’s more is that there aren’t any little features to help out, such as cannons or abilities hats for players to use either. This is old-school gaming at its best and requires skill and patience when attempting it.

6. Super Mario 64 Land

Super Mario 64 Rom Hacks

If you’re already following the ROM hacking scene, then you know Kaze Emanuar. He is a very hard-working visionary behind many ambitious remakes and their amazing 3D features.

Some of their best works include Super Mario 64 Land, which plays a lot like Super Mario 3D Land but with less scope. The game takes a more linear route in its story mode with 33 new levels which might confuse some players at first who are used to the vanilla levels.

But this version also has new moves such as the Bounce and Aerial Dive that’ll prove remarkably useful when facing off against Bowser and saving Princess Peach from his hostile castle!

5. Super Mario 64: Star Revenge Redone

Super Mario 64 Rom Hacks

Developed by ROM hacking superstar BroDute and many collaborators, the Star Revenge series is one of the most prolific hack series in existence. Counting over six main releases and a ton of remakes. Super Mario 64: Star Revenge Redone is the most recent version, the other versions are all taken down from public disrepect, sadly.

It includes over 125 new stars to gather over 13 different levels. What makes this hack so unique are its strange and surreal themes accompanying its very funny sense of humor. It’s easy to see how BroDute has been able to set himself apart as someone who has made a really cool place for himself within the Nintendo hacking community (most hacks use character and item references that are NOT fun – SM64:SR R3 not only avoids this pitfall but actually uses them in some funny ways).

4. Super Falcon 64

Super Mario 64 Rom Hacks

Ever since childhood I’ve always considered Captain Falcon to be my favorite character in the Super Smash Bros series. When I heard that there was going to be an adventure themed around him, it was a huge surprise for our generation of Mario players.

Super Falcon punch his rivals into submission, collect stars, and fly off to cruise around the colorful Mushroom Kingdom in the game. It is something that every Super Mario player needed for a long time and it is here.

3. Super Mario 74

Super Mario 64 Rom Hacks

Super Mario 74, an expansion pack by Lugmilors, has 120 new stars to get in its many custom levels. Many of which present a dramatically increased difficulty level compared to the vanilla Super Mario 64 scenarios.

This includes most boss fights which now have added challenges like having to swing Bowser higher to hit the bombs. Play it and then go on to play Super Mario 74 Extreme Edition, which is more crazy, Kaizo-level challenge.

2. Super Mario 64: Last Impact

Super Mario 64 Rom Hacks

Super Mario 64: Last Impact is one of the best Super Mario 64 ROM hacks of all time. This is more than just a mod; it pays homage to one of the best Mario games ever and boasts some amazing features that modder Kaze Emanuar should win a medal for.

The whole game transformed and brand new bosses designed and coded from scratch, the inclusion of Yoshi and FLUDD into the mix, and all-new abilities that give Mario an edge over his enemies.

There are 130 brand new stars to find in this adventure-focused outing, which makes every moment spent exploring Mushroom Kingdom quite enjoyable indeed, not to mention challenging!

1. Super Mario 64: Sonic Edition

Super Mario 64 Rom Hacks

Super Mario 64: Sonic Edition takes First place in our list! Not only does Sonic appear in Mario’s place, but now he has a whole host of different moves available for use too and it is even better than the first one.

Press Z to roll into a ball and quickly travel down hills, or hit B repeatedly to do Sonic’s famous spin dash – sliding across the ground at super speeds as you attack any enemies in your way. Use homing attacks and even run on water!

Also, you can find the full list of 64 ROM hacks to download.

Here you go, you found the best Super Mario 64 Rom Hacks that you can mess around with.



More than any generation, we are in the fast changing gaming world. Super Mario 64 Rom Hacks are one of the best part of playing with more challenge and most unique characters of its own.

Let us know your favourite Super Mario 64 Rom Hack of all time in the comment section.

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