10 Best Instagram Video Downloader For Android and iOS

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Instagram is a resource for discovering and sharing what’s happening world around you. This makes people to be more connected and being part of something cool. In the mean time, Insta videos viewers number grow significantly high in these pandemic era. So if you feel like downloading videos from Instagram, you left with less choice of apps to help you. So we found the best Instagram Video Downloader For Android and iOS for you in this article. You can download any Instagram videos and images that you come across with the help of these Instagram photo and video downloader apps.

40% of Over 1 Billion Instagram Users Create Instagram Video Stories Daily.

It is industry known, Instagram doesn’t allow users to download their content. It is their policy and not easy to break. However, oftentimes users have a desire to save Instagram photos and videos off-line in order to view them even when they do not have access to the Internet. While the Instagram app does not allow for the downloading of others’ content offline, there are a few developers who were able to create tools that can be used for saving Instagram images and video off-line. In this blog, we talk about some of these.

FAQ about Instagram video downloader:

Can Instagram video downloaders that  work for other social media platforms?

This of course depends upon the video downloader, although most tools are compatible with all kinds of online content and social media platforms.

 What’s the length of Instagram video should be ?

You can only post Instagram videos that are up to one minute long in length. If you want to access IGTV on Instagram, you’re able to upload videos that are up to 5 minutes in length.

Is the Instagram video downloader free?

In this case, there are free apps available and free trial with premium also there to use. So its depend on your goal to download insta videos.

Can i able download insta videos without watermark?

You can download the video using the one of the below listed instagram video downloader and remove the watermark as a next process.

Best Instagram Video Downloader For Android and iOS

Downloading Instagram videos is not a hard process at all. There have been many apps developed by third-party developers that permit you to get your hands on the photos or videos you want. Additionally, we are including the options for Android devices and steps which need to be followed when downloading Instagram images below each option in this list of Instagram download applications. Stay with us until the end of this post.

1. Video Downloader for IG

indsta downloader 1

Easy to use, this Instagram video downloader lets you repost others’ content from Instagram. With more than a million downloads on the Google Play Store, it’s one of the most versatile and powerful Instagram downloaders around. It boasts all-new features and is still growing in popularity at an exponential rate. A must-have for any social media enthusiast, you can easily create amazing posts and upload them to different social networks with ease. Just follow a few easy steps and download anything from Instagram even profile pictures!  It’s that easy.


  • Download  the Reels, IGTV, and stories in high media resolution
  • Efficient, Fast and Easy Downloader for videos  and Photo Downloader
  • It offers an built-in offline player that can preview downloaded content.

App Rating: 4.7

2. 4K Stogram

Top Instagram images and video downloader in 2022

4K Stogram is an Instagram tool for downloading your favorite Instagram stories, videos, photos and more. The app supports Windows, Mac and Ubuntu platforms. You can choose your favorite accounts to be subscribed to the product automatically and download their content as soon as it arrives with no extra work from you.


  • 4K Stogram will download your private Instagram photos, videos .
  • It provides the backup to Instagram.
  • 4K Stogram offers a separate subfolder for every Instagram highlight, which is downloaded in your “Downloads” tab on Instagram.

App Rating : 4.7

3.Downloader for Instagram.

Top insta video downloader

Your answer to the question, “How can you download Instagram photos?”, this Downloader for Instagram: Photo & Video Saver is an excellent Instagram photo and video downloader app that allows you to save your photos on your account. The app has a user-friendly interface that pinpoints precise times so users can find their saved videos easily.


  • You can share or save content to your device and repost it later.
  • Very simple user interface and easy to use.
  • This has unique features has No Login Required.

App Rating : 4.5

4. Repost For Instagram – Regrann

Top insta video downloader

Regrann  is a top-rated tool for saving Instagram videos to the camera roll without having to repost them. Usually you’d have to follow the original post publisher to do this with other apps but on Regrann, you can repost and reshare Instagram photos without the need of adding any watermarks or logos.


  • It’s not a purchase app
  • Instantly download the photos and videos.
  • Repost the pictures and videos immediately 

App Rating: 4.5

5.Video downloader for IG (sunday lab Apps).

ios video downloader

Looking for a tool to help you save Instagram Stories and IGTV or download Instagram photos to post them as your own? Look no further than Video Downloader for Instagram – a free app that makes it easy for you to repost and share content from other accounts! What’s more, this amazing photo downloader software allows you to save content from both public and private profiles (without needing their profile name).


  • You can search by usernames,Hashtags and places.
  • No hidden features and paid content in the app.
  • Download Feed ,IGTV contents and stories easily and instantly.

App Rating: 4.2

Instagram video downloader For IOS Users

6. Reposter for Instagram (a.k.a Regrammer)

Free insta video downloader

Regrammer is an Instagram reposting app that allows users to repost any photo or video on their feed. You can use it by simply copying the link to the post on your Regrammer app and viewing it there. From there, you can then easily repost it to your own Instagram feed. It’s a fast and easy way of sharing content from other users with almost no need for signing in.


  • You don’t get any watermark on pics and videos.
  • Reposter has the repost on IGTV,pics and videos from the app.
  • Fastest downloader for iPhone.

App Rating: 4.0


fast safe video downloader

FastSave is a popular Instagram downloader for android and iPhone Using this app, you can browse Instagram contents and quickly download photos and videos . The video quality is good; there is no need to worry about any watermarks found on downloaded content, be it a photo or video. The best part of FastSave is that one doesn’t have to limit their downloading activity. As long as the storage capacity of your smartphone allows it, you can safely go ahead with downloading as much content that you want without running out of space.


  • No Limit for downloading photos and videos.
  • No watermarks are in the content.
  • Faster and simple to use but you can’t download the stories.

App Rating : 3.6

8. Instdown.

top insta video dowloader

Sometimes you want your Instagram posts to be as great as somebody else’s. The Instdown allows you to download pictures and videos to see all their best content, aside from just photos and videos, by clicking on captions or hashtags too! Whether you are in the app or not, the app automatically syncs with Instagram for a seamless experience – grab your share of fame by downloading the captions and hashtags of another person’s work.


  • Play videos in super slow and fast motion with play/pause options.
  • You can create tiny URLs and share on social media.
  • Additional Features like you can copy the Description of the video.

App Rating : 4.5

9. Inflact (a.k.a ingramer)

Instagram downloader

Inflact, formerly known as Ingramer, is one of the oldest and most reliable Instagram downloader services. The first thing that makes it effective and ease-to-use is how it’s accessible via virtually any web browser. As long as the user has a working browser – be it on a mobile or desktop device – Inflact works like magic. You don’t need to worry about whether or not you have an iOS or Android smartphone since Inflact will work just as efficiently regardless.


  • You can download the entire album at the time.
  • Its free and paid features are available and have a lot of differences on the downloading videos and pictures.
  • Simple to use, just copy and paste you can download the contents.

App Rating: 4.57

10. Insaver

insta video downloader 2022

In Insaver , Update stories, repost stories, reels, and IGTV videos quickly and easily when they are already posted to Instagram whether they are your own or someone else’s. This app is completely free to use and has no in-app purchases or additional purchases – besides the story you want to re-shoot.


  • It’s Helps to make rounded-shape DP or profile pictures.
  • Set an extra security by clicking setting app lock.
  • It has the option to repost images or videos on Instagram
  • Change the app icon or reset button  to the default icon

App Rating: 4.6


We hope you enjoyed our post about how Instagram is a resource for discovering and sharing what’s happening right now. Download any public Instagram content that you come across with the help of these Instagram images and video downloader apps. We hope this article was helpful and we encourage you to share it with your followers on social media. Until next time, best wishes from the team at TechBrew.

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