500+ Super Funny WiFi Names To Try in 2022

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In addition to making it easier for you to identify your network, a catchy Wi-Fi name is a terrific conversation starter when guests come over. It may entice you to name your Wi-Fi network something that would surprise people. Unique and funny WiFi names that are interesting, funny, and distinctive are also indicative of the person’s ability to think outside the box and be innovative.

Furthermore, anybody who likes to make others laugh or even just for fun may create a hilarious Wi-Fi name by typing it in the address bar. You may have used similar WiFi names at some point in your life. And, if you haven’t already, you should check out our interesting list of the best funny WiFi names for categories like amusing, cool, witty, nice, and original.

If you are seeking for best clever Wi-Fi names or geeky, one-of-a-kind, fashionable, and funny Wi-Fi names, this piece is prepared just for you.

How to setup a Wi-Fi password?

Wi-Fi may be found almost everywhere, from your neighborhood to your own house. However, although you may appreciate the ease of wireless networking, you’ll want to take the effort to secure your network by creating a password for your connection. While you’re about it, you may as well change the name of your network to something unique and funny to keep your neighbors entertained.

funny WiFi Names

 In any case, you’ll want to make sure that your router’s firmware is up to current. It’s merely common sense to take these two easy precautions, such as securing your front door at night; they’re fundamental safeguards. Fortunately, resetting your router’s password is straightforward, and you can also do a firmware upgrade while you’re at it.

Configuration of the Access Router

To make changes to the router’s settings, connect the computer using Wi-Fi or an Ethernet cable. Then, using a Web browser, go to the router’s settings menu by typing its IP address into the address box and pressing “Enter.” In most cases, the default IP address of a router is “” If your router requests that you input a username and password, both of which should be posted on the router itself if you haven’t changed them before, proceed as directed.

Once you’ve entered the router settings tool, search for a menu choice that says something like “Wireless Security.” or something like. Using the security menu, you may specify the network name, network password, and security mode, among other things. Because of its improved robustness, the WPA2 security mode is generally recommended by security experts.

Determine the IP address of the router

As long as the computer is connected to the network, you may use the Command Prompt to obtain the router’s IP address is required. The IP address may be found by pressing “Windows-R,” typing “came,” pressing “Enter,” typing “ipconfig” in the newly created prompt window, pressing “Enter“, and looking for the IP address next to “Default Gateway.” on the screen.

Tips For Setting Most Funny Wifi Names

You don’t have to be a comedian to choose your wifi names to be funny or clever, just be yourself and make it funnier. It can be anything you want, use movie phrases, funny lines from cartoons, or read line from books.

  1. Use Movie phrases / Characters
  2. Funny catch phrases from Ads
  3. Try Cartoon lines
  4. Something that you notice everyday
  5. Use computer codes
  6. Video game names / Characters
  7. Popular Joke lines

And you can sure find more on the way once you put the min on it. But to save your time here, we have the top funny wifi names that you can use it.

Top 100 Funny Wifi Names 2022

funny WiFi Names

This is a collection of inventive funny WiFi names that geeks often use to deceive other users who are attempting to join their network.

  1. Oops, I did it again ;0
  2. Not available
  3. Shutting down
  4. No Longer In Use
  5. Refused IP Connection
  6. ERROR 42 TCP/IP
  7. The connection timed out
  8. Network outage.
  9. Use entirely at your own risk.
  10. RFID Tag Reader No
  11. Bluetooth on Android
  12. Satellite Home Transfer Direct
  13. Antivirus Software Is Required
  14. Invalid ID
  15. Insufficient Signal
  16. No longer in service
  17. I don’t know you
  18. Unidentified Device
  19. Low Device Battery
  20. Active Airplane Mode
  21. DNS unresolved hostname
  22. DHCP Failure Error
  23. Try again later.
  24. Disconnection
  25. Exceeded the Limit
  26. Access Is Restricted!
  27. You have been banned
  28. Error: Please Contact Your Internet Service Provider
  29. Wi-Fi Isn’t Working
  30. Gateway Error 505
  31. Inaccessible internet
  32. Network Error 410
  33. Interrupted Service
  34. There are no networks available.
  35. Listed under Maintenance
  36. Router Error 36
  37. Defective Device
  38. Dial-up Internet access
  39. Excessively slow internet
  40. Server Error 40
  41. Out of Range Connection
  42. No signal discovered
  43. Disconnected
  44. Prohibited
  45. Invalid password typed
  46. Router Failure
  47. *Not functional
  48. Searching…
  49. Connecting…
  50. Getting Ready…
  51. Loading…
  52. Testing…
  53. Looking for a network
  54. Select a Network
  55. I’m waiting for a connection
  56. Obtaining an IP Address
  57. Your Session has ended.
  58. VirusFound
  59. VirusInstaller
  60. Virus-Infected Network 60.
  61. Looking for viruses.
  62. Virus. executable.32
  63. Ransomware.exe
  64. Malware Detection
  65. WinBackdoorTrojanInstaller32.exe
  66. W32.BadBot.worm
  67. Discovered Potential Threats
  68. Caution! Threats Identified
  69. Ransomware Attacks: Be Warned!
  70. Patrol Officer
  71. The Central Police Network
  72. FBISurveillanceVan119
  73. CIA Covert Station 17
  74. TRANSMISSION.4160-1
  75. NSA Surveillance Station oo3
  76. CIA safehouse
  77. If you’re seeing this, you’ve been hacked.
  78. The Hacker Network
  79. Unseen Hackers Waiting
  80. Online Hackers
  81. I am able to read your emails.
  82. This Wi-Fi Network Is Infected
  83. Viruses may be found here.
  84. RemoteHardDriveFormattingTool
  85. I have the ability to hack into your phone.
  86. Local Area Network Spam
  87. Hacking is in the process…
  88. the black kitten
  89. Blister
  90. The Blistered Outlaw
  91. Blitz
  92. Bonzai
  93. BoomBeachLuvr
  94. Ping-Pong
  95. Asgard’s Wi-Fi
  96. Marvel’s Avengers: Wi-Fi Wars
  97. Infinity Stones Internet
  98. Guardians of the Gateway
  99. The Wi-Fi Soldier
  100. Unattainable

100 Clever Wifi Names

So, you wante to look smart and funny at the same time, it may not be simple but just little bit of thinking, we have the top clever wifi names to try it for your network.

This is a list of best clever wifi names

1. Allow them to utilize it.

2. There is no free Wi-Fi available here.

3. Log in!

4. This one is for Mom.

5. There will be no free Wi-Fi for you.

6. Stay OFF my router

7. Speak less and work more

8. To find out the password, yell “Doggy!”

9. I Require Full Speed at Night

10. The wifi assault

11. No Wires Still alive and well.

12. I’m using my Wi-Fi without permission.

13. For a password, text ###-####.

14 Two Routers, Two Girls

15. Use at your own risk.

16. My Very Own Damn Internet

17. Goodbye, Mister Wi-Fi

18. Saturday Night APT #434 Party!!!

19. You won’t be able to connect to the internet.

20. PennyGetYourOwnWifi

21. A Van by the River

22. Abraham Linksys (or John Wilkes Bluetooth)

23. Caitlin, please stop using our internet!

 24. CID Surveillance Van

25. Viruses may be found here.

26. Do not covet your neighbor’s Wi-Fi.

27. Drop it like it’s a hotspot

28. Wi-Fi, Ermahgerd!

29. Fuck you, you cheap bastards.

30. Purchase Your Own Wi-Fi FuckHead

31. Help, I’m Stuck in a Router!

32. AMA, I am the Internet.

33. Every day, I keep an eye on you.

34. Go Go Gadget Internet.

35. I can hear you yelling at it.

36. I’m tampering with my Wi-Fi.

37. I Can Haz Wireless?

38. I’m Under Your Bed No.

39. When IP is used, it burns.

40. Keep it on the Download list.

41. Quit Banging So Hard

42Sandra Bullock’s the Net.

43. The Long-Awaited LAN

44. The Wireless-G Hotspot

45. This is also not free.

46. Troy and Abed in the Modern

47. We can hear you.

 48. I think I can Fi

49. Wi-Fi Network?

50. Is WI-Fight unavoidable?

51. Winternet is on its way

52. LAN Wu-Tang

53. Do You Have Wi-Fi?

54. Zombies Consumed My Neighbor

55. Please come and clean my home.

56. Leave My LAN

57. The Creep Next Door.

58. The Person Next Door

59. This LAN is my LAN.

60. YourDogShitsInMyYard

61. Please repair our refrigerator.

62. I saw you nude last night

63. Milk and Honey LAN

64. LANdo Calrissian

65. Look, Ma, No Wires!

66. My Neighbors Are Horrible

67. New England Clam Router

68. NoFreeInternetHereKeepLooking

69. It’s Not Free, So Get Stuffed

70. Occam’s Razor

71. One Doesn’t Just Log Into Mordor

72. Please Connect for Identity Theft

73. Tubes Series

74. Quiet Your Dogs

75. The LAN’s Silence

76. Skynet Global Defense Network

77. I’m sorry, but my dog stinks – Apology to your neighbors

78. Born Wild

79. I’mCheekyFellow

80. ToxicTree

81. Sober Slap No. 81

82. Mr.Comfy

83. Epic Millennials

84. The Creative Ghost


86. IWiser

87. Daydreamer

88. If-Not-Me-Then-Who

89. No-Limits

90. Say-Something

91. to the Oblivion

92. The crazy one

93. Infinite inspiration

94. Hyper doer

95. The Victorious Loser

96. FantasticFool

97. Notorious Freak

98. Random Idoit

99. Game Changer

100. Aggressively Cool

100 Best Wifi Names

funny WiFi Names

Being unique and clever at the same time is sure lot of thinking, but we have the best wifi names that will show your strength, wild side of your life. Try these best wifi names 2022 year, you will see lot of people will knock on your door already.

  1. Don’t even try it
  2. Your music is annoying.
  3. Bring Beer and Women to 40.2.
  4. For P**n Use Only
  5. Feel Like Flying
  6. My Own Damn Internet.
  7. Virus Infected Wi-Fi
  8. You Pay Now.
  9. GetOffMyLawn.
  10. Mom Use This One.
  11. Your grammar is more annoying.
  12. No Free Wifi for you.
  13. Get your Own Wi-Fi F**k Head.
  14. Access Denied.
  15. Here’s the Password Clue Read again.
  16. Unknown Device.
  17. You have been blocked.
  18. Ask to Join Networks.
  19. Your Session has expired.
  20. Hack Me!
  21. LAN Halen
  22. SpiderLAN
  23. Torrent Gump
  24. Lord Voldemodem.
  25. Hodor
  26. Vladimir Routin
  27. Searching…
  28. Hogsmeade
  29. No Wifi Network Found In Your Area.
  30. Unprotected CeX
  31. Protected CeX
  32. Free CeX
  33. Virus Wi-Fi
  34. No Wires, Still alive and working.
  35. Dirty picture
  36. Aao Kabhi Haveli Pe.
  37. Good Boi
  38. Your Crush is my babe.
  39. Bakchod Wi-Fi
  40. Powerful Wi-Fi
  41. Net cut
  42. Wohooo !
  43. Chal Bsdk
  44. Hero Wifi
  45. Shaktiman Wi-Fi
  46. Haveli
  47. Press here
  48. Connect fast
  49. College Wifi.
  50. Canteen Wi-Fi.
  51. WhyFi
  53. Gotcha!!!
  54. TheOneAndOnly
  55. Too busy being awesome
  56. Enter Wireless
  57. Bang Bang!
  58. TheRainmaker
  59. imaginary_idiot
  61. Wi-Fi in the Wind, My Friend
  62. Area 51
  63. That’sConfidential!
  64. ignited_minds
  65. Everyday I’m buffering…
  66. Land of Chaos
  67. Martin Router King
  68. Banana Republic
  69. Hottest Spot
  70. Unbreakable
  71. Boomerang
  72. Hackulous
  74. Black Hole
  75. Data Driven
  76. Immortal_Soul
  77. Incredibly_gifted
  78. I don’t remember
  80. Savage Club
  81. Mr.President
  82. LOL-Fi
  83. I am the Internet
  84. Brotherhood
  85. Illustrious_prince
  86. Illogically_Literate
  87. Maverick
  88. Router_Rangers
  89. WarThog
  90. Thug Life
  91. Back Benchers
  92. Potato Head
  93. Creatures of Comfort
  94. Braveheart
  95. Goodfellas
  96. Romeo – Seeking Juliet
  97. Bond_oo7
  98. been_there_done_that
  99. Star Struck
  100. Tea for life

100 Cool Wifi Names

This is for those who go out of their normal life, being cool with their ultimate cool effect on your neighbours. Choose these cool wifi names for your network.

  1. Machoman
  2. The Boomer Next Door
  3. Don’t Snoop
  4. Justin Bieber trivia questions.
  5. Yell “Doggy” to know password.
  6. TheInternetIsAssur
  7. Find nearby Wi-Fi
  8. Nacho Wi-Fi
  9. Ye old Internet
  10. Hack me
  11. Dunder-Mifflin
  12. Rahul Gandhi Youth Network.
  13. Manmohan Singh Browser.
  14. Narendra Modi Browser.
  15. I can read your emails.
  16. IveSeenYouNaked!
  17. 404 Network Unavailable Be Safe.
  18. The Promised LANs.
  19. Bill Wi, the Science F
  20. Hide Your Kids Hide Your Wi-Fi.
  21. Homeland Security.
  22. NSA Drone #3
  23. Tellmywifilovehim.
  24. Theres a cream for that (must be dual band 6Ghz).
  25. Two girls one router
  26. Big Bang Booger
  27. Welcome To Your Doom.
  28. Want free wifi?!?!
  29. Wi Fi Fo Fum
  30. Fck-off
  31. I Now Declare You Husband and Wi-Fi.
  32. KungFuPanda.
  33. I Love My Neighbor.
  34. You can’t connect to this
  35. GF or Wi-Fi?
  36. Go Solo on Wi-Fi
  37. You can’t Connect Dumbhead
  38. Can’t Establish the Connection
  39. The Place where Hacker Fails
  40. Find the password
  41. Searching for a network
  42. Loading
  43. My Wi-Fi, My Life
  44. No Wi-Fi? Get a Wifey.
  45. Get off of my WiFi
  46. Not for You
  47. Only for me
  48. You can’t sneak into this
  49. You are testing my patience
  50. Drive-By Wi-Fi
  51. Wi-Fi Panda
  52. Jackie LAN
  53. Bruce LAN
  54. Your device is going to be malicious
  55. 500 potential threats
  56. Waiting for the connection
  57. Obtaining the IP Address
  58. Text pass to “your number” for the password
  59. Vi(rus)Fi
  60. Pay-Fi
  61. The password is ‘you are gross.’
  62. Yell “I am a fool” for Password
  63. Send $5 to “your PayPal id” for password
  64. Not free Mate
  65. Wi-Free is not here
  66. Get a Damn Wi-Fi for you
  67. Sorry, not your WiFi
  68. You are not paying the bill
  69. Wi-Fi Unavailable
  70. 404- not available
  71. No WiFi Found
  72. I couldn’t find a wireless network
  73. You will feel the heat
  74. Get a life, dude, and get a wifi
  75. WeCanSeeYouShowering
  76. I am Snooping on you right now
  77. I read your personal messages
  78. I read your emails
  79. I Know Who You Are
  80. I know your secrets
  81. We Can Hear You Guys
  82. Creep_Next_Door
  83. Connect and Die
  84. Bring Beer and Women to 401
  85. I’m cheating with ur Wifi
  86. I have a big crush on you
  87. Your Ex-girlfriend
  88. It’s a Trap
  89. Cute Husband Next Door
  90. Byte Me
  91. Can I be UR BF for a day?
  92. Can I have your number?
  93. Can you be mine?
  94. I Love U, U Must Love Me
  95. Will You Marry Me?
  96. Is it me you’re looking for?
  98. Hello, I am creepy!
  99. You Never Had a FB Frend Like Me
  100. In jail_out_soon

100 Unique Wifi Names

There are funny, clever and best wifi names, but unique names are the one stand up in the top. Being unique shows your smartness, and adventurous side of your life. You can use these unique wifi names as your wifi username and stand out from the circle.

  1. I know how to set a Wi-Fi password
  2. Pray for another free Wi-Fi
  3. Get a job, buy a connection, and pay the bill
  4. Yell “Your Name” for the password
  5. No free Wi-Fi available
  6. It is easy to look for another Wi-Fi
  7. Help, help, help
  8. No Wi-Fi? Use your packet data
  9. Please connect for data loss
  10. Your data is stolen
  11. Use your mobile data
  12. Error Connection not available
  13. The password is you are a cheater
  14. You got a phone, but why no WiFi?
  15. Thanks for stopping by, now look for another one
  16. Yeah, I set up a password
  17. Sturdy security
  18. Unbreakable router
  19. No, you can’t cheat here
  20. You are trying to cheat
  21. Wi-Fi Network Hacked
  22. Geeks for Rent
  23. Game Of Thrones
  24. Brain on Drugs
  25. Rain download check
  26. Sweet Victory
  27. Wi-Fry Chicken
  28. Hogwarts Hall Of Wifi
  29. Common Room Wifi
  30. Don’t even try it.
  31. Virus-infected Wi-Fi.
  32. Hack if you can.
  33. Pay $1 per hour.
  34. You are hacked.
  35. Very slow internet.
  36. Searching…
  37. Network not found.
  38. You lost your connection.
  39. Please connect for identity theft.
  40. Connect and die.
  41. Yell “I am Dumb” for password
  42. Who are you?
  43. Bring Your Own Wi-Fi
  44. GetAJob, BuyWiFi, AndPayTheBill
  45. stayOffMyWi-Fi
  46. No Free Wifi for you
  47. This is Not Free Either
  48. Yeah, I set up a password
  49. Do you want it?
  50. Text ###-####-### for Password
  51. The Password Is GetYourOwnWiFi
  52. I am done with you!
  53. find the nearest Wi-Fi Café
  54. Keep Searching…
  55. Why You No Get WiFi?
  56. Does God Know U Steal Internet?
  57. You’re too ugly for this WiFi
  58. You are creepy
  59. $10 an hour
  60. I hate my neighbor
  61. My Neighbors Suck
  62. Your Babe Is Really Ugly
  63. I Pity your GF
  64. You are annoying
  65. Go Get a life dude
  66. Your selfies suck
  67. Not Paid By Your Dad
  68. Don’tSnoopOnMeGal
  69. Whose WiFi is it Anyway?
  70. The neighbor’s wifi
  71. We_dont_have_wifi
  72. NotTheWiFiYouAreLookingFor
  73. No, you can’t cheat here
  74. You Shall Not Connect
  75. ThouShalltNotStealMyWiFi
  76. Trespassers Will Be Prosecuted!
  77. Don’t_Even_Try
  78. Leave My WiFi Alone.
  79. homeless people ONLY
  80. Losers Club (MEMBERS ONLY)
  81. OurInternetIsFasterThanYours
  82. I will send you the bill
  83. Connect for Identity Theft
  84. Not In Your Range
  85. Swipe right for password.
  86. WiFi is Sleeping
  87. Insert coin [ ] to get access..
  88. WiFi for Guests I Hate
  89. Sharing is not always caring!
  90. Exit to Continue.
  91. Guess Where We Live
  92. Municipal Free WiFi
  93. Connected, Secured
  94. City Open WiFi
  95. Free Village Local Network
  96. Press 1 for WiFi
  97. Password is Password
  98. Keep Calm And Use My WiFi
  99. Log in here
  100. Please use me.


Now that you’ve concluded this post, I’m going to presume that you like more than a few of the suggestions from the list of the funny wifi names.

Strangers who are looking for free internet are more likely to be surprised by unique WiFi names. Additionally, it might be entertaining for your friends. In this post, you will learn about a variety of Wi-Fi networks. I’ve divided this list into numerous categories to make it easier for you to get the appropriate Wi-Fi name for your needs.

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