15 Best Torrent Sites To Download Movies, Anime & TV Shows in 2022

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It is hard to find the well working torrent sites without any manipulation. So, finding the best torrent sites online is an inconsistent and frustrating experience for many internet nerds. A well-optimized search engine result for “torrents” will often direct you to fake sites that contain dodgy links and irritating pop up ads.

This causes much confusion amongst those who are looking to find the best torrent site out there in the cyber space because they might not have the time, let alone patience, to search through all of them individually. In this blog post, we showcase 20 reliable and top torrent sites with verified links and a decent reputation that can help you download & share a wide range of media content within minutes!

Here are the our 20 best torrent sites for movies, tv shows and more list that you can try to download movies and tv shows with a free torrent downloader.

Disclaimer & Torrent Legal Warning

Please understand that Techbrew.co respects and abides to all copyright laws. Sharing copyrighted material via P2P file sharing is incredibly risky despite being a legal practice. The other issue with illegal sharing of copyright material is that if you’re caught, your computer and even the USB drive it’s connected to can become ‘evidence’ in an investigation against you whether they were involved or not. In summary, the more data you upload and download, the higher your chance of facing serious consequences – all because of something we had absolutely nothing to do with!


What are magnet links?

Magnet urls are hyperlinks that your torrent client can use to find seeders sharing the torrent you’d like to download.

Can I get caught for torrenting?

Yes, so we advise you to use a reliable VPN softwares, you won’t get caught.

How can I speed up my torrenting or download speed?

It is all depend on the country you live and the broadband connection. Also, some top VPNs offer unlimited speed and bandwidth. With a VPN, it can help you to increase your torrenting speed.

Best Torrent Sites That Are Still Working 2022

1. The Pirate Bay – Best Torrent Site Working For All Country

best torrent sites

Availability Rating: 10/10

No other torrent site comes close to the impressive and proven credentials of The Pirate Bay, they were #1 best torrent site in our techbrew’s torrent list, and appear set to regain that title. With over 50 Million users each month, it’s hard not to see why they are so popular, with a huge range of content including everything from Movies and TV Shows to Games and Applications etc. All in a nice clean user friendly layout which avoids the irritating ads that some sites carry! We had this one in our list of best torrent sites for 2021 review as well.

And since safety is a critical consideration when torrenting, The Pirate Bay goes the extra mile by adding tags to their torrents so they can easily be used to tell if the contents of the file are safe to download or not. Pretty cool right!

So if you are a torrent hoarder, this one should be on your bookmark list right now.

2. RARBG – Runner Up On Top Torrent Site

torrent websites to download movies

Availability Rating: 9/10

The popular torrenting site, rarbg.to , was initially founded in 2008 and has since grown to become constantly busy with more than 300,000 visitors per day, who use its selection of film, music, TV and games files.

Unsurprisingly perhaps for a medium that is often associated with piracy it has unsurprisingly been blocked in several countries including the UAE (in 2010), England (2012), Denmark (2013), Finland (2014) Ireland (2015), Portugal (2016) and Australia (2016).

To demonstrate the sheer popularity of this site we can look at Alexa’s web traffic data which suggests that around 270 million people visited rarbg.to within a month .

The simple forum design isn’t necessarily what you’d expect from such a huge torrenting platform but everything here is available for free – original content too – and it even allows users to exchange information securely thanks to their very own messaging service.

3. Kickass Torrents – The Second Most Popular Torrent Site

torrent websites to download movies

Availability Rating: 9/10

KickassTorrents is one of the best websites for getting torrents. It has a wealth of premium quality video content and a huge community as well as a growing database. There are also regular updates to the site so all users get to experience something fresh, new and exciting with every visit.

However, despite having such a great torrent hosting service, KickAss’s library can sometimes be slow which can be frustrating when you’re trying to download quickly.

To help solve this issue we would recommend using a good VPN (virtual private network) app that allows you to change your location so that you can log into the KAT website from anywhere in the world – for example if Kickass isn’t accessible in the country where you live – then just log onto it by rerouting your IP address through another country’s servers.

4. YTS – Torrent For HD smallest size

best torrent site

Availability Rating: 8/10

Yify is a top ranked movie torrent site that allows you to download the latest movies directly onto your PC or Laptop. In this way, you can watch them at anytime of your choosing without having to worry about being online or having to stream them from the internet.

This movie download torrent site makes it easy for you; all you need to do is find the movie of your choice, choose the size/quality from a list and then download it using a torrent client.

No matter how popular or unpopular the film may be, Yify probably has it and with so many different choices available via this one website (more than most other sites).

5. 1337x.to

best torrent site list

Availability Rating: 8/10

1337x is one of the best and most popular torrent sites we can compare to The Pirate Bay, it has already survived numerous lawsuits and in 2015, it was removed from Google search.

You can use brave browser if you like not to be tracked by cookies while using this site; therefore, if you are looking for a solution like that try searching for the site through this search engine first.

You might not find everything on the site but will surely get something really good!

6. Torlock

working torrent sites list

Availability Rating: 7/10

Torlock is a contender for one of the best torrent download sites around. It also claims to offer a strict privacy policy and their developers do not log any of your actions or track you around the web, so you can feel free from these kinds of cyber crimes. The same cannot necessarily be said for other torrent download sites, since this one does an excellent job at protecting their users’ civil liberties.

You can ignore those shifty-looking lesser platforms in Torlock’s design, because it has The latest movies, Music torrents, Gaming torrents, Anime torrents, Books and Software torrents available in few clicks.

7. zooqle

working torrent sites list

Availability Rating: 7/10

If you’re looking to find video games, Zooqle may have the dankest torrents out there. This popular torrent site has a library of 6,000 titles plus 37,000 movies. You can also find software on Zooqle. The site has an impressive user interface and offers a search bar to help you easily find any file you’re interested in.

Each torrent has detailed information, like the resolution quality of the file, the time it was uploaded and the seeder/leecher ratio.

So this one is a top of our list of best torrent websites of 2022.

8. TorrentFunk

working torrent sites list

Availability Rating: 8/10

TorrentFunk is a pretty popular torrent site, in no small part due to its verified status indication and users. What separates this page from the rest is that it has categories like Software Torrents, Movies, TV shows, Anime and Games so that you can pick out the files you might be searching for.

If you’re looking for a way to download things without having to switch VPNs regularly so that you can get around country-specific limitations and accessibility restrictions, check it out!

9. Torrentz2

download latest movies torrent

Availability Rating: 6/10

Torrentz2 used to be a really hot site. But it was shut down later, but now its available as a search engine for the best torrent sites. The metasearch engine combines results from dozens of search engines to offer you an extensive list of files. Just type your search query into the search bar, and it will show you the available torrent links as a result!

Torrentz2 has been down for quite some time but due to its overwhelming popularity, it’s back and better than ever! Do not let free anime downloads go by any longer–you absolutely need a VPN (which is what we would recommend) in order to circumvent these blocks!

10. Demonoid

download latest movies torrent

Availability Rating: 7/10

Demonoid has very popular RSS feeds for all of its torrent categories and sub-categories. They are also one of the few torrent sites that prohibited, malware and malicious torrent links. Their forum is quite popular among active members of the movies torrenting scene, as is their #demonoid IRC channel.

The forum look may look old and messy, but it is been here from 2003, and not much changed over the years.

Along with RARBG, YTS, The Pirate Bay and the Russian RUTracker torrents site, Demonoid is one of the few best torrent sites that is Tor network friendly.

11. EZTV – Top Place to Find Latest TV Shows

best anime torrent site

Availability Rating: 7/10

EZTV is a peer-to-peer Torrent website known for its high-quality library of TV show torrents, especially popular TV shows like The Walking Dea, Billions, Family Guy, Vikings..etc.

So if you’re looking for HD torrents of your favorite reality TV program, late night talk show, cartoon, or any other TV series, EZTV is the right place to be.

Additionally, the site supports downloading through magnet links. There are better alternatives from our list in the top if you don’t like the look of it, but it is a better alternative at anytime.

12. Dirtytorrents

best movie torrent site

Availability Rating: 5/10

Dirty Torrents is the one more place on the internet to download torrents so if you want to download movies, TV shows, music or even apps – this is the perfect place for downloading them from.

It’s a crawler where you can find any content that we need. On Dirty Torrents there are no proxy sites but they won’t be needed. We don’t have a country-wide ban of torrenting sites yet even though you will find adult torrent links 24 hours a day here.

13. Torrentdownloads

best movie torrent site

Availability Rating: 5/10

TorrentDownloads is one of the best torrent sites to download movies (including Christian movies), TV shows, games, apps, and ebooks. It has a clean layout that makes finding content easy. The awesome search filters will help you filter search results based on category and status.

Plus, you can view the number of seeders and the health of each file! That way you can find stuff quickly: for example, an old eBook or a rare video game.

On top of all these features, there are lots of annoying ads that open in new browser tabs – use a strong VPN with an ad blocker for this one!

14. TorrentGalaxy

top torrent sites

Availability Rating: 6/10

TorrentGalaxy is a popular movie and music torrent tracker. It’s a community-driven platform where regular users contribute by uploading new files onto the website.

The site has a vast internal database, and it’s one of the most trusted places on the internet for torrenters to download their favorite shows or movies. You can even see details about which show or movie you’re interested in – like genre, rating, length, language, and popularity – just to make sure you get what you want!

As an extra safety net before starting your download, if you use one of TorrentGalaxy’s verified links then this means that others have reported that they were able to successfully start downloading with no traces of malware or viruses.

The site will also warn you if there are any known threats when you go to access your torrent files on their site. Using the comments section attached to each torrent too is a great way of having a broader insight into whether this file is actually good and worth downloading!

15. Glodls

top torrent sites

Availability Rating: 9/10

GloTorrents is a great site for download your favourite new movies, music, softwares, e-books in one place. It offers a huge collection of content including movies, TV shows, books, anime, games and much more.

GloTorrents has approximately 1.3 million visitors every month who stream audio and video content on the site. But there is one problem with this site: it offers many ads.

So, it is one of the best torrent website to browse for lot of movie lovers.


Our list of best torrent websites are great places to get started with searching. However, it’s hard to pick a “best” torrent alternative when there’s still so much out there that we have yet to discover. If we had to make a choice, it would be The Pirate Bay, gLODS, & 1337x .  It boasts an impressive number of movies and TV shows torrents and the design is clean and simple.

Let us know your favourite torrent in our comment section and we can add it in our list.

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