8 Best NFT Wallets That are Safe To Use in 2022 [For Both Ethereum & Solana]

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Non Fungible Tokens are one of the most prolific buzzwords in the crypto community and for good reason. These tokens have already been found to both revolutionize the art industry, as well as how economic transactions might be conducted in the future. As you know, Crypto tokens requires best wallets to safe guard their tokens, you have to safeguard your JPEG’s in best NFT wallets with most secure and easy to use one.

NFT Trading Volume Added Up to Nearly $11 Billion in Q3

If you are reading this, you are one of those Cryptopunks, BAYC, or Cool Cats fan, your NFTs are much more valuable than last month. Also scams are growing on the side, its time for you to take a serious step to secure your NFT right away.

Many individuals are asking themselves if they should be investing in an NFT now or later, but there may be even more important questions such as: “What is a NFT?”. We’re going to take some time today to answer these questions and give you a short and simple guide that will allow you to learn more about NON-FUNGIBLE TOKENS.

Why You Need a NFT Wallet?

Best NFT Wallets

NFT wallets allow you to store NFT tokens or cryptocurrencies in one location. These wallets allow you to receive additional tokens and also to purchase blockchain-based assets. An NFT wallet doesn’t actually hold the digital assets themselves a la a digital copy of your bank account. Indeed, the wallet just stores information regarding the blockchain location of your tokenized items.

Therefore, you would have to search for the best NFT wallet that suits your needs. It is important to be aware of the key features of an NFT wallet so that the process is simple and accessible for everyone!

Best NFT wallets 2022

NFT wallets are growing in popularity. Keep in mind that this area is still being developed and care should therefore be taken because making the wrong choice of NFT wallet could leave you vulnerable. It’s important to perform your own research before downloading a wallet to store your tokens.

So, here our top NFT wallets suggestions that you must consider before buying your first NFT.

1. MetaMask

best nft wallets

MetaMask is widely and favorably regarded as one of the best cryptocurrency wallets available. This browser extension allows you to access non-fungible tokens, marketplaces, and more at your fingertips.

MetaMask also stores multiple addresses depending on how many NFTs you own so that if you have X amount of non-fungible tokens you can create an address for each of them.

MetaMask allows you to create an Ethereum wallet with the option to connect to various EVM supported platforms for minting and trading these tokens – it’s certainly worth having, especially while there are still new NFTs appearing all the time!

2. Coinbase Wallet

best nft wallets

Coinbase is best known for its roles in exchanging cryptocurrency. They also provide a place that users can store the NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and specific ERC-721 tokens.

As a user, you have control over your crypto assets. It’s easy to connect your Coinbase wallet with your exchange account and transfer your assets from the wallet to the exchange.

The Coinbase non-fungible token wallet rivals Metamask as the most popular and highest rated of its kind.

Additionally, Coinbase Wallet can now display token balances on several different blockchains. For example, users who choose to use Coinbase Wallet would be able to view their balance on the Arbitrum, Avalanche, Binance Smart Chain, Fantom and Optimism blockchains in addition to Ethereum.

3. Trust Wallet

best nft wallets

Binance owns and operates Trust Wallet. It’s become one of the most popular market-cap wallets for non-fungible tokens with more than 5,000,000 NFT’s currently. While it does have a wide user base, not all of them own NFT’s.

The app allows you to connect to applications such as alternative art markets: ones like Axie Infinity or OpenSea for instance, to provide one-click access with just a few clicks from inside your Trust Wallet DApp browser.

4. AlphaWallet

best nft wallets

The Alpha Wallet sets itself apart as one of the most popular places to invest in many Ethereum-backed tokens. The Alpha Wallet is capable of minting as well as investing in NFTs. It supports tokenized asset markets such as ChainZ and OpenSea. Overall, it’s simplistic and user-friendly, making it a safe bet for new users looking to sign up.

The in-built Web3 browser allows users direct access to Distributed Applications (DApps), games, and other resources.

5. Enjin Wallet

best nft wallets

Enjin Wallet is a market leader in non-fungible tokens. The wallet is easy to use, highlighted by its beautiful UI design. It allows you to purchase collectibles that are actually used as game items within new and exotic gaming worlds.

The platform also has its own marketplace where you can trade your gadgets using Enjin Coin, the native ENJ token. In addition, it includes various DEX apps for easy access and use of various crypto transactions.

The Enjin Wallet is suitable for both beginners and experts. The app features a fee calculator that will help you understand exactly how much the transaction fees are and will help you limit your fees.

6. Math Wallet 

best nft wallets

Math Wallet enables users to browse and use dApps based on ERC721 smart contracts, including decentralized exchanges. The wallet also supports over 70 blockchain platforms and is compatible with EOS Mainnet.

Offering an interface similar to MetaMask’s, MathWallet users will have access to many NFT markets such as enabling trustless P2P Fiat-to-ERC20 conversion using PaySAFE technology. Users will also be able to stake, send/receive crypto, trade NFTs on their own without the need for any third party and much more.

7. Phantom (Solana Wallet)

best nft wallets

If you’re into Solana, then this one can be your best NFT wallet of the year. Phantom has worked hard to expand its custodial wallet on desktop, thanks for its custodial browser experience makes it a great option for users who don’t want to take care of their own private keys!

Phantom allows web users to interact with any cryptocurrency-based application, securely and in total privacy.

8. Coin 98 Wallet

best nft wallets

The Coin 98 Mobile wallet makes it easy to send, receive and manage all your non-fungible token. You can now easily search for your collection of non-fungible tokens, track them and view them in an attractive UI. This is one of top NFT wallet of this year you can checkout.

As long as you keep your seed phrase, you will be able – to access all the tokens stored within Coin 98 Wallet. Coin98 provides a cosmos for safe handling and storage of your own Non fungible token.

Bonus : Best NFT Hardware Wallet

Ledget Nano X

A hardware wallet is the most secure option for storing NFTs because all your digital assets and NFT data are offline. This means that everything you store on an external device is heavily protected from any malicious attacks.

best nft wallets

If you’re looking to store your NFTs for a longer period of time then we recommend getting a hardware wallet like Ledger Nano X that features a built-in OLED screen and Bluetooth functionality, so as not to have to go to another device every time you want to access your network.


So, choose your NFT wallet that has less complexity, low fee and most secure in all. This industry is volatile and people looking to find loopholes to scam, so be aware, what you are doing before you put your money in crypto market. NFT’s are still initial stage, it has huge potential, but government organisations work on this one to more secure for people to buy and sell NFT with proper regulations.

So, untill then, keep it safe and enjoy the ride.

Please comment below your favourite crypto wallet and we will add it in our list.

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