15 Best Free Phone Number Lookup Services of 2022

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Using a free phone number lookup services, you can easily enter the phone number you’re wondering about and get answers right away. It’s a quick and reliable method to find out who called you. If it’s just a simple phone number mix-up and you identify the individual whose phone number is being used, you may rest certain that everything is in order.

 On the other hand, if you discover a random phone number in your partner’s pocket and discover that it is related to someone from their past, you will be faced with a whole other set of problems. Knowing whose phone numbers belong to whom ahead of time might help you navigate the choices you make in your relationship with more confidence.

 And even if there’s nothing suspicious going on, at the very least, you’ll be aware of and understand who is in your social circle as well as who your spouse is chatting with. Our top fifteen best reverse phone lookup services are listed below, along with a short description of what makes each of these services so popular with our readers.

What You Can Find From Reverse Phone Lookup?

Any phone number can quite easily be tied to the cell phone associated it.

  • Living city and state for the area code
  • Mobile Carrier or Service provider of the number
  • Time and Date it has been in use

Finding the public record for a specific phone number is not easy. Our records are constantly aggregated from multiple independent sources, which means that the information can be inconsistent due to conflicts between the data providers.

Most of the time, however, our information comes directly from telephone companies and will contain only accurate information. A second source is public records noted on websites like whitepages.com or yellowpages.com but these may give you a false address as it’s sometimes difficult to keep this info current and up-to-date on their website

15 Free Phone Number Lookup Services

1. PeopleFinders

Free Phone Number Lookup Services

PeopleFinders is widely recognized as the most well-known in today’s corporate sector when it comes to people searching databases. It is the best reverse phone lookup service available, and it has served people seeking reliable information from more than 6000 data sources. One of the best free phone number lookup services on the internet.

Many individuals are interested in various aspects of a person, such as a person’s name, home location, or other information. PeopleFinders can provide you with whatever information you need by supplying you with the individual’s comprehensive background history. In addition, it is possible to get online information from this best free reverse phone lookup with name service, such as data add or API, via the name service.

PeopleFinders gives the most accurate information in the shortest amount of time. In the PeopleFinders interface, you can also narrow down your search by selecting the “Narrow Search” option. If many results come on the screen and you want to narrow down the search according to your requirements, this is the choice to choose from.

2. CocoFinder

Free Phone Number Lookup Services

Next on our list is CocoFinder. In addition to free name searches, it provides a free reverse lookup. This search engine has a great reputation amongst users and the general public. Several well-known media outlets have highlighted it, and it is routinely lauded for its ease of use.

It’s unusual for a service like CocoFinder to find useful, up-to-date information, like TruthFinder. This is because they use billions of public and private databases to research. As a result, you’ll get a lot of detailed information.

You don’t have to pay a dime to check for a phone number. The service supports both landline and mobile phone numbers in the United States. Phone user names, aliases, current location, and current place of abode may all be retrieved from the database. Additional information may be found in a background report.

This service does not collect or keep any information about you. Therefore, you can be certain that every search you use CocoFinder is completely private and secure. Furthermore, you may contact them and tell them not to use your information in their search engine if you so choose.

3. TruthFinder

Free Phone Number Lookup Services

When doing a background check on someone to determine their identity or other information, TruthFinder is always the first site that comes up. There are many reverse phone number search programs whose data is open to the general public, including this one. In addition to the TruthFinder website, numerous additional sources may be used to access it since it includes public documents that make its database quite extensive.

TruthFinder is equipped with a powerful tool that includes a self-monitoring capability. According to this function, TruthFinder may do a self-search based on the information you have supplied in the shortest amount of time possible using your information.

TruthFinder, in contrast to other free phone number lookup services, has access to a person’s easily accessible criminal or other records as a result of its court data sources. A user’s search result is a report that contains thorough and helpful information on a certain individual. However, because of its large database, it may sometimes display information out of the current.

4. Intelius

Free Phone Number Lookup Services

When it comes to presenting the search results to you, Intelius takes a different method. The people-finding tool makes use of a spidery graph, which makes it simple for you to observe how various individuals are related to one another.

The fact that Intelius is one of the oldest and best reverse phone lookups assures you’re protected on the majority of fronts. For example, you may do a standard person’s search utilizing an email address, social media profiles, reverse lookups, and a background check. On the other hand, Intelius goes above and beyond to search for social networks, property records, criminal histories, and educational background, while Any Who stops there.

When it comes to reviewing a person’s background, from property to criminal and court records, background checks, and more, Intelius provides reliable data you can rely on. So whether you’re looking to reconnect with old friends or obtain information based on US numbers, Intelius has the information you need.

5. Spy Dialer

phone number lookup free

This best free reverse phone search service gathers billions of phone numbers that may be VoIP or mobile phones or landlines, and it does so daily. This service uses publicly available information to give its users photographs and the names of people they are searching for. Reverse phone lookup has never been easier or more convenient than with Spy Dialer, the latest sneakiest and quickest free service accessible on the Internet.

To provide you with accurate information, this website conducts searches using email addresses, mobile phone numbers, and landline numbers. Spy Dialer is completely free for consumers, and it outperforms other services such as Google phone number search, mobile phone trackers, and caller identification.

6. PeopleFinderFree

phone number lookup free

Your search for a person’s necessary background might be financial, personal, or professional, depending on the level of skill of the service provider. In such circumstances, all you need is a reliable search engine such as PeopleFinderFree to find what you’re looking for. In addition, you may access billions of public databases via their huge information network using their free phone number search service that is provided without charge.

PeopleFinderFree is the best free reverse phone number lookup that allows you to locate certain personal information quickly and without difficulty. When you search, the PeopleFinderFree server will provide a simple report to understand. You may either see or download the report directly from your computer browser. In addition, it is a 100% free phone number search service that does not charge any fees in exchange for completing a thorough phone number lookup on your behalf.

7. USPhoneBook

phone number lookup free

A free phone number search service, such as USPhoneBook, lets you learn all you need to know about the person who owns a phone number. All you have to do is enter your phone number in the appropriate section, and you will be provided with the information you want. On each search, USPhoneBook scans through billions of records and displays the number’s location and other information.

USPhoneBook is the best free reverse phone lookup that refreshes its database regularly to ensure that customers get the most accurate search results possible. This tool allows you to search for phone numbers from any location, including home, commercial, mobile phones, and landlines.

8. Whitepages.com

phone number lookup free

A large quantity of information about a person allows us to narrow down the search results and locate individuals rapidly. Whitepages is the best reverse phone lookup service that offers far more information than similar services. The common information includes search data, a scam/fraud rating, lien records, maiden names, carrier information, and other pertinent information.

The searches you conducted on Whitepages will be made available to the public. On Whitepages, you may also check for comparable phone numbers by entering the area code lookup and reverse area code search terms, respectively. In addition, its database has more than 260 million phone numbers, which allows for more accurate search results.


free phone number lookup by name

In the world of best reverse phone number lookup, SPYTOX is considered one of the best reverse phone lookup. The white pages directory is well-known around the globe for providing high-quality services. With the help of SPYTOX, you can look up names, phone numbers, addresses, and other information. It also provides you with information about the caller’s social media accounts.

SPYTOX is the best free reverse phone lookup service that does not require registration or membership. Input the phone number or email address you want to check, and you will get all of the information you need. SPYTOX employs unique search technologies to provide you with the most accurate results possible. SPYTOX scans the deep web to get as much information as possible about the phone number. The reverse phone search tool is really basic and straightforward to use.

10. BeenVerified

free phone number lookup

BeenVerified is a corporation that does background checks on individuals. However, it also offers a comprehensive array of reverse phone number search services. BeenVerified even allows you to look into a person’s criminal history by utilizing their database. They also offer mobile applications for Android, iOS, and the Apple Watch, among other platforms. This makes it one of the best reverse phone lookup services available (with a 7-day free trial).

BeenVerified is a very useful tool. It enables you to search through billions of data points to get precise information. For example, using the app or website, you may find all pertinent information about the phone number. This includes the location, the address, the email ID, and even the social media accounts of the individuals involved. In addition, BeenVerified’s phone number search function is compatible with mobile phones and landlines. So even if the data are not publicly available, you will be provided with the necessary information.

11. CellRevealer

free phone number lookup

CellRevealer claims that it is the most accurate free reverse phone search service on the market today. They search the phone number using the caller ID database to collect all of the necessary information. This provides access to more information than what is available via phonebooks and other public sources.

To detect unfamiliar callers, CellRevealer is a simple and best reverse phone lookup. They also provide you the option of marking spam phone numbers so that other users can avoid them. You may also read the complaints and comments that other people have posted. As a result, CellRevealer has earned a reputation as one of the most dependable free reverse phone search services. You may also join the community if you want to do more research on a certain phone number. On the site, you can do a reverse search for email addresses and names of persons.

12. Zabasearch

free phone number lookup

Zabasearch is a free search engine included in the list of the top 6 best people search websites. It can assist you in finding information on anybody, including their names, residences, phone numbers, birth year, and other details, by searching for their information on the Internet. In addition to court records, phone directories, and standard websites, Zabasearch now delivers information on the Internet. Investigate information from court records, phone directories, and conventional websites to find what you need.

 Furthermore, it is a fantastic tool for tracking down long-lost relatives or locating long-lost acquaintances! The essential service provided by Zabasearch is timely. Still, it also includes other useful extra resources such as updated contact information for the individual if there have been any changes since the first search. Now, this may make it easier for you to get in contact than it was before – and it’s completely free.

This is one of the best reverse phone lookup services to find anyone because it gathers a wide range of information about US residents by scanning the Internet for information and delivering the data you require, such as names, current and previous addresses, phone numbers, birth years, and so on, without requiring you to pay anything.

13. Addresses.com

free phone number lookup

Addresses.com is one of the most well-known public data sources in the United States of America. Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, however, they are not considered a consumer reporting firm. Consequently, you will be unable to use Addresses.com to verify a person’s information for any other reason.

Addresses.com, on the other hand, may be utilized for a broad range of free reverse phone lookup with names. They give very reliable and correct information on your website’s phone numbers you are looking for. You may get information such as a person’s name, address, email ID, and even a map position. However, you may be required to pay a charge to get comprehensive location information. Addresses.com also enables you to look for the contact information for companies situated anywhere in the United States. You can find out about any local business’s location, phone number, and even customer reviews.

14. PeekYou

free phone number lookup

PeekYou is widely regarded as the greatest site to locate anybody for free since it combines information on individuals from various sources throughout the Internet, including social networks, professional directories, news sources, and blogs, and presents it in a single place. PeekYou has indexed billions of records on more than 750 million unique people, resulting in a massive amount of data.

A new twist has been added to the world of free people search services with the introduction of PeekYou, which enables you to search for usernames across a wide range of social networking websites.

PeekYou is one of the best reverse phone lookups in the United States, and you may use it for worldwide queries. Moreover, it is one of the most well-known top people search websites. In a similar vein, PeekYou assesses the possibility that each connection will be associated with a certain individual.

15. Instant Checkmate

free phone number lookup

Instant Checkmate is a comprehensive public records search service that offers a variety of options. It enables you to do free reverse phone lookups and online background checks, among other things. Checking criminal histories, residences, and aliases is extremely important for firms to verify employees.

The best reverse phone lookup service provided by Instant Checkmate is 100% anonymous and private. You are welcome to do as many free reverse phone number searches as you choose. Instant Checkmate can provide you with all pertinent information regarding it on the spot. This information includes the caller’s name, address, email address, and location. You may also find out about their social accounts, criminal records, and other information about them. However, you may be required to pay a modest price to get all of the information on your mystery caller.


Is there a free reverse phone lookup service?

Yes, free phone lookup sites are a great way to save money. They’re also one of the few ways that you can get information on someone without them knowing.

These kinds of sites exist so that people who need some insight into something they just don’t know about whether it be for personal reasons or other can make use of their services without having to spend a fortune which is after all what we’re all about here!

What is the best accurate reverse cell phone lookup service?

When it comes to determining the details pertaining to owner information of cell phones, there’s not a lot of publicly available information. There are not a lot of public records available through any particular resource. The most reliable results will come from [paraphrase] White Pages [/paraphrase].

In addition to obtaining direct contact with the individual in question, this directory allows you to find private extensions for businesses or even reverse look up unknown numbers for free!

Is there any legit reverse phone lookup sites?

Fortunately, you don’t need to stay up late researching which phone number lookup service to use anymore because there are plenty of great options available.

You can use the above listed reverse phone lookup services to get your details.

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